Yves Saint Laurent’s Art Collection Heading to the Auction Block

The big problem we’ve always had with collecting stuff, of whatever variety, is that eventually you’re going to die and then your friends and relatives are going to break it all up and sell it all off, making the whole exercise relatively pointless. But while we would be spinning in our hobbyist graves if we were a) hobbyists or b) deceased, we certainly can’t speak for how Yves Saint Laurent feels (who belongs in both categories). By way of ArtInfo, we learned that it’s been announced that his partner, Pierre Berge, has decided to auction off all $600 million dollars worth of Laurent’s art collection, filled to the expensive brim with Picassos and Goyas, among others. So let that be a lesson to you, if you find yourself incredibly wealthy and have a collection of something really cooking and you want to keep it all together: start a foundation.