Yves Behar, Cubed

Sometimes Yves Behar needs to earn some money too, you know? Being a sex symbol is great and all, but it doesn’t put food on the table, and we can’t imagine that the XO Laptop gig is landing him million dollar checks every week. In short: the guy has to work. And we’re certainly happy that he does, as he and his firm fuseproject get to create incredibly cool projects like the French television network, Canal +‘s new set top box, Le Cube, which we’re considering moving to France, just so we can use one (even though understanding what’s on the television might be a little difficult — but one thing at a time, okay?). It’s just beautiful and MoCo Loco has a handful of photos and all the info. Go forth and covet. And then, when you come back, you can read our interview with Behar.