Serial Entrepreneur Finds Success with YuuZoo

It’s likely you have not heard of YuuZoo, an Australian developer of social network mini-sites for mobile clients. But you have certainly heard of some the firm’s clients.

Here in New York, they include Hearst and NBTV. Down Under, the list encompasses the Asian arm of the NBA and Miss World. Founded by 41-year-old serial entrepreneur Ron Creevey, the company is about to get a “backdoor” listing on the Singapore stock exchange. The Australian‘s Glenda Korporaal spoke with Creevey recently and got this great quote:

“It is exciting to see something that you designed on a blank piece of paper to be traded at a value in excess of $400M.”

“It’s beyond how much money you can make out of a deal like that; it’s the satisfaction that a lot of people would never get – the joy of being able to see a business all the way through to a major exit.”

The company currently counts 40 million registered users in 160+ countries and expects to collect $40M AU gross this year. Other areas bringing in revenue for YuuZoo include their Smartphone e-commerce transaction system YuuPay. For his latest venture, Creevey teamed in 2007 with Thomas Zilliacus, former chief executive of Nokia Asia-Pacific.