YuMe Launches Heat-Seeking Ad Fraud Map

Pinpointing fraudulent activity worldwide

To help combat ad fraud around the world, digital video advertising company YuMe has created a global map that will show where exactly fraudulent online activity is propagating.

The Traffic Quality Dashboard works like a heat-seeking map, glowing purple in spots where YuMe has blocked a large amount of video ads, discovered vast quantities of invalid domains or noticed tons of non-viewable video ads. A counter on the side shows exactly how many cases the Silicon Valley-based organization has found. 

The information is derived from research done by from YuMe's Traffic Quality Lab team, led by new network quality director Eric Bozinny. Bozinny joined YuMe in August from Microsoft, where he was the advertising fraud senior program manager. "I'm very passionate about ad fraud. Once a human has seen an ad an advertiser hasn't paid for, the economics can keep on forever. It's important to clean up the ecosystem of bot traffic," he explained.

It's common to find areas in China blowing up on the map, as well as Scandinavia. Then again, it seems that no area of the world is safe from nefarious online deviants. Currently, it only updates sporadically—which makes it more decorative than useful—but the goal is to get it to relay the data in real-time.