Yuks for Credit

The mediabistro mothership (FishbowlNY’s home, in case you hadn’t noticed) has humor writing classes. In fact, we had one just last night.

Today, we learned from a.m. New York that local comedian Eugene Mirman took it to a whole ‘nother level. He majored in comedy. In college.

For my thesis I did a one-hour standup that I produced and promoted. But before that, I took classes in writing. I took a class on the rise of mass culture, and sociology, history. I did papers on the physiology of laughter, I did something on Lenny Bruce and his effects on society. I also had a radio show. I did a huge variety of things that I related back to comedy.

Can you really get a degree in the art of yukking it up?

Or was he joking?

UPDATE: He wasn’t joking, Fishbowl LA‘s Mike Sonnenschein tell us: “It’s true that he majored in comedy. The catch is he went to Hampshire College, where pretty much everyone designs their own majors.”

What’s so funny about that?