Outgoing Texas Rangers Pitcher Banners His Biggest Regret

Full-page Dallas Morning News ad includes a final apology

It’s become a rather frequent recent occurrence in U.S. newspapers: a professional athlete, post-trade, free agent signing or championship run, thanking the fans and a city.

In the case of today’s Yu Darvish Aug. 3 full-pager in the Dallas Morning News, as the pitcher heads off to the Los Angeles Dodgers, a couple of elements stand out. He ends by addressing his critics and also includes this paragraph:

Indeed. Darvish, who mentions at the top of the ad-text being with the Texas team for ‘5.5’ years, could have actually spelled that ‘5.50.’ His ERA for his final seven games as a Ranger, including the July 26 22-10 blowout, creeped over five.

Darvish’s troubles in that game led to all sorts of other shenanigans. Adrian Beltre was expelled in the 8th inning for some warm-up circle goofing, while back-up catcher Brett Nicholas pitched to the Florida Marlins in the 9th inning, giving up 6.00 less runs than Yarvish.