YSL Designer Commissions Video to Show Men’s Collection

pilati.jpg“Too bad Yves Saint Laurent ain’t in charge no more!” This is the line that we picture current YSL designer Stefano Pilati delivering with an inspired cackle as he continues to align the image of the 45-year-old fashion house with his own idea of “post-minimalist elegance.” For his spring womenswear collection, Pilati bucked the trend of flowery prints in favor of asymmetry and shiny plastic star-encrusted tops, and tomorrow, he is set to show his fall men’s collection in Paris via a video created by London-based video production company Colonel Blimp, British Vogue reports.

The Colonel Blimp directors behind the specially-commissioned YSL video, which features British actor Simon Woods, are Sarah Chatfield and Chris Sweeney, who have directed videos for the likes of Lily Allen and The Ghost Frequency, respectively. Named after a 1943 film about a man forced to grow a “large and unusual handlebar mustache,” Colonel Blimp likens creating a memorable music video to — wait for it — growing an unusual mustache. (Both require patience, nerve, and dedication.) So gather your clues about the video commissioned by Pilati (a longtime fan of facial hair) from this, the company’s end to its way extended mustache metaphor: “While the finished ‘mustache’ may not be to everybody’s taste it will stand out. It will entertain. It will provoke. It will inspire: a true original amid a tangled forest of more conventional styles.”