3 Month Protest Resolved: YoVille Widget Factory Returns

-Widget Factory Grand Reopening Screenshot-Back in September, Zynga made a controversial decision to replace YoVille users’ primary source of virtual income, the Widget Factory, with a new Sweets Factory. The result was that thousands of users protested the application and while the impact was not seen immediately, monthly active users over the past month are down around 10 percent. The result is that protestors got what they wanted and now Zynga is bringing back the Widget Factory to YoVille.

How long will the widget factory return for? Right now it appears that this may be a short-term change for the holidays. In a post on the YoVille blog, the company explains:

We saw that there were many players interested in returning back to the Widgets Factory to work and wanted to make that possible during the holidays as we know many of you will be out with your families and it may be hard to manage your baked goods.

More than 53,000 protestors have since joined a cause to bring back the widget factory, which is a small fraction of the near 3 million daily active users of the application. While many protestors will welcome back the widget factory, the only outstanding question is whether or not it’s will come back for good or if it will once again disappear after the holidays. My guess is that we could see a second revolt if Zynga decides to yank the Widget Factory again.

Do you care that the Widget Factory is back? Or is this much ado about nothing, as we first portrayed the revolts back in September?