You’ve Got Two Weeks To Land On Employers’ Radars

The end of the year is actually a great time for job searching, but you can’t wait until the end of the year. suggests that to take advantage of opportunities borne out of a desire to spend the last of 2011’s budget, you want to get out there by the second week of December.

“If your resume comes in too close to Christmas and New Year’s, it won’t have enough lead time and could end up at the bottom of the pile of January resumes,” Carolyn Hughes, VP of people at SimplyHired, told Mainstreet. “There is an urgency on the employer side that happens at the end of the year, which you don’t see at any other time of the year,” she added.

The hiring process takes up to three months normally, but during the holiday season that time can be chopped in half, MainStreet says, since employers would love nothing more than to get someone set up in December and have them start right after the new year.

Traffic to job boards is also down this month, which means that for those who push through, they’ll be rewarded with less competition (until January when job applications really increase.)