You’ve Got One Month to Live. What Are You Ordering From Moss?

Design junkies currently attending the Sundance Film Festival have a movie that’s made specifically for their style-stashing nature, The Guitar, a film that premiered over the weekend:

“One morning, “mouse-burger” Melody “Mel” Wilder (Saffron Burrows) is diagnosed with a terminal illness, fired from her thankless job and abandoned by her boyfriend. With nothing left to lose, given two months to live, she spends her entire life’s savings renting an empty palatial loft in the Village. Thinking she’ll never have to pay the piper, she lives off her credit cards, fills the loft with the fanciest products…”

That’s a still from the movie above, one of many tables in this 6,000 square-foot loft seen overflowing with the entire contents of the latest Design Within Reach catalog.

An article in last week’s New York Times describes the purchases even better: “one-of-a-kind rugs from Carini Lang; chandeliers that sell for $2,500 a pop; and, finally, the creatively fulfilling guitar of the title. It’s kind of a shopaholic’s version of “The Bucket List,” with Jonathan Adler designing the Bucket.” Writer Joyce Wadler visits the home of director Amy Redford (yes, that Redford) to discuss the possession of well-crafted objects and how they could provide comfort to the terminally ill, something we’re sure no one reading this blog could possibly argue with.

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