YouTube Video Player Gets Wider

Some people may not like what YouTube just rolled out for its online video player, in fact many people didn’t like it and are clamoring for an opt out and to revert back to the original screen size. We’re talking about YouTube’s decision to tranform its video player into 960 pixels, hence making all videos uploaded YouTube to be displayed in widescreen regardless of what size YouTube users shoot them. Happy with that?

Interestingly, the new feature has elicited various reactions from many YouTube users. Some were so outraged by the shift from a larger screen resolution and are demanding that YouTube give an option to revert back to the original screen size. The larger screen resolution and wider video player have practically destroyed uploaded video contents which were recorderd using the standard non-widescreen aspect ratio. So would not get mad upon seeing their precious little productions get pixelated and rasterized and practically rendered visually useless?

YouTube was quick to add some suggestions and tips on how to make videos appear more pleasant if users still use non-HD camcorders. But this is for new videos to be uploaded. And users are mad about their already uploaded videos. And that’s what YouTube should be addressing if it wants to pacify the angry YouTube users.

But looking ahead, the new widescreen viewing is inevitable and YouTube needs to roll out now to catch up with the getting to be popular and widely used Hulu. And with various deals going on with major studios, YouTube is just gearing up for more high-quality, high-resolution videos that will soon be appearing on its content network.

I personally think that the new YouTube widescreen video player was not really mean to please the millions of YouTube content uploaders but rather future video content producers who will be putting their licensed video contents in YouTube in the near future. This major content providers are the ones who will bring money to YouTube’s revenue streams, and this what matters most for YouTube.

Meanwhile, us ordinary video content creator and uploader will just have to make do with the not-so good display of our not-so-goog quality videos. Unless we decide to invest on high-quality video camcorders capable of recording HD video.