YouTube Trends of the Moment for Savvy Advertisers, October 2018

Holiday travel planning, morning and nighttime routines, Halloween

People are ditching their old travel books and turning to digital video to help plan their vacations seb_ra/iStock

For brands, relevancy means tapping into modern culture. And modern culture unfolds daily on YouTube. In this sixth installment of “YouTube Trends of the Moment for Savvy Advertisers,” Earnest Pettie—a YouTube trends analyst who spots videos piquing viewers’ interests—shares three kinds of videos trending now and the insights they reveal.

Holiday travel planning

As peak holiday travel season approaches, people are ditching their old travel books and turning to digital video to help plan their vacations. This year, views of travel-related videos increased 41 percent in August and September 2018 compared with 2017.


What destinations are people looking up? In 2016 and 2017, the most popular fall destination was Japan, but this year it came in third behind Thailand (second place) and Mexico (first place).

What this means for brands: Brands in the travel space can make the most of this trend by creating content that helps people improve their vacation experiences, like this video that provides pet-friendly vacation tips. But even brands in other sectors can capitalize on this trend by creating content that transports viewers to extraordinary places. For example, Chanel takes viewers to Venice in the 1920s to showcase the inspiration behind its luxurious items, while Patagonia filmed a documentary that took viewers to northwestern Tasmania, reminding people how important it is to protect our natural wonders.

Morning and nighttime routines

We’re seeing a growing interest in morning routine and nighttime routine videos, where a YouTuber talks viewers through their process for applying skincare and makeup. Watch time for morning routine videos has more than tripled in the past two years. For nighttime routines, there’s been an 80 percent increase in watch time in the past year.

What this means for brands: More than 60 percent of shoppers say digital video has given them ideas and inspirations for their purchases. As morning and nighttime routine videos continue to become more popular, people are coming to YouTube at all times of the day to watch videos tailored exactly to their in-the-moment wants and needs. This presents marketers with new opportunities to introduce their brands and products to consumers who might not yet know them.


Halloween-related searches spike every October on YouTube, but what doesn’t ever stay the same are the top trending costumes. This year, Optimus Prime is the most popular costume, followed by Elsa and Moana. We also saw searches for costume ideas related to Fortnite, an online video game, trend globally.

What this means for brands: This trend reflects the natural interplay between the offline and digital worlds, where people come to engage more deeply with the things they enjoyed offline. Marketers should be thinking carefully about how to create opportunities for fans to engage more deeply with their brands online, taking advantage of seasonal and cultural trends.

Earnest Pettie is a YouTube trends analyst who looks at trending videos piquing viewer interest and what they say about human behavior.