YouTube Trends Launches

YouTube trends has launched, which will highlight the videos, topics, and editor-selected hot content of the day.

According to the FAQ on the new product, “Because it take a look at both trends that emerge on YouTube and videos that reflect broader cultural trends, we believe the site will be particularly useful for media organizations looking to cover the cultural and political zeitgeist through web video.”

YouTube will be watching for jumps in views on certain topics and the trending content will be identified on the trends site at 4a.m. and 4p.m. The only demographic info will be that which is provided by logged-in users, but there will be a new interface. Trends can be submitted to @youtubetrends, but no word yet on whether there will be promoted trends like those on Twitter.

Webnewser has coverage of the new product, with a quote from the Trends manager (former Mediabistro blogger) Kevin Allocca.

And with 47.5 million views, Antoine Dobson and his “Bed Intruder” auto-tune video was the most-watched, non-major label video of the year.