YouTube To Go on More Mobiles

Can’t live without your YouTube fix but can’t take the time (or use the company’s computer) to watch today’s latest and greatest videos at work? Well, if you have a video-capable phone that runs on a high-speed network, you’re in luck.


YouTube said that its full service will soon be available to quite a few of the 3G phones in the US which, according to Reuters, opens the video site to some 100 million mobile users.

Until now, you needed an iPhone or to use little-known Helio as your provider if you wanted the full YouTube experience on a handset. Verizon Wireless offers its subscribers a limited selection of YouTube clips, something that isn’t likely to change in the near future. Reuters cites YouTube mobile product manager Dwipal Desai as saying that most Verizon Wireless phones don’t currently support the streaming service and that YouTube doesn’t know when that support might occur.