10 Priceless YouTube Tips From YouTube Partners

A list of fantastic tips on how to build your community, get more views and make the most of your YouTube channel, gleaned from YouTube Partners at the Tubefilter Web TV meetup earlier this week.

Last week Tubefilter hosted their Hollywood Web TV Meetup, ‘You’re A YouTube Partner – Now What?’ The meetup included a panel of YouTube Partner Program experts and shined a lot of light on the world of YouTube, complete with fantastic tips on how to build your community, get more views and make the most of your YouTube channel and online video experience as a whole. We’ve compiled a list of ten great tips that came out of the meetup, which should definitely serve as some food for thought for video creators looking to maximize YouTube as a video sharing site and revenue source.

Before we get to the tips, lets start with a brief introduction to the panelists. The panel included Rafi Fine of the Fine Brothers, Barely Political Founder and Next New Networks VP Programming Ben Relles, Jason Schnell of Reckless Tortuga and former YouTube exec and co-director of the YouTube Partners Program George Strompolos. Check out the full meetup presentation below, which runs just over 78 minutes, followed by our ten priceless tips, gleaned from the YouTube experts on the panel. The post is a little long, but bear with me…there is a ton of amazing knowledge to be gleaned.

Your YouTube Channel Name

One of the first things that the panelists talked about was choosing a name for your YouTube channel. After all, your channel name is something that you can never change, unless you decide to open a new channel. Ben Relles talked about how in retrospect perhaps Barely Political wasn’t the best channel name because now they do a lot more content that isn’t related to politics. That being said, I don’t think that the name ‘Barely Political’ has been the cause of any roadblock’s in the popular channel’s rise to popularity, but if you are creating a new channel you may want to keep that fact in mind. Try to come up with a general channel name that won’t pigeonhole your content.

George Strompolos pointed out that Tay Zonday picked the name Tay Zonday because he Googled it and there were no results. In addition, the overall consensus seemed to be that the best name is one that is short, easy to remember, easy to spell and leaves room for growth and change. You want to be as easy to remember and find as possible.

The Frequency Of Your Video Uploads

Another big issue discussed at the meetup was the frequency of uploads. This issue was also discussed at Tubefilter’s CES panel, ‘Secrets of the YouTube Stars’, where the general consensus seemed to be that for keeping an audience it was important to stick to a schedule and upload new content as frequently as possible.

Rafi Fine said that he believes that the YouTube algorithm may reward those channels that post a lot of videos by giving them more promotion on the YouTube homepage. However, Relles said that posting frequently might not be the only key to success. He points out The Gregory Brothers, aka Schmoyoho, as an example. They upload a new video only once a month or every six weeks or so, but they still get millions of views every time.

That being said, I think it’s clear that fans of the Gregory Brothers would be ecstatic if they released new videos more than once a month. The more frequently you come out with new videos the happier your fans will be. Just don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Produce new content as frequently as you can, but don’t stress yourself out.

YouTube’s Mysterious Algorithm

Everyone wants to know about YouTube’s mysterious algorithm. How do YouTubers make it into the “Most Popular” charts? How are they promoted on the YouTube homepage? Nobody knows how the YouTube algorithm works exactly, but Rafi Fine shed some light on it at the meetup.