YouTube Takes Over Super Bowl | Also Destroys Politicians | Radio: Making A Comback? | Crazy Bostonians | Ugly Ads | ‘Peaceful’ Rush? | Al Gore | Anderson Cooper Gets Some Love


  • Superbowl Ads: Ditch the Superbowl for YouTube. [Fortune]
  • The YouTube: Gotcha game. [Slate]
  • Radio: Enters a new golden age as digital use takes off. [Independent]
  • Two Men Charged: In Boston cartoon terror scare. [Reuters]
  • Watching Super Bowl Ads: Could make viewers cringe. [WSJ]
  • Rush Limbaugh: Nominated for 2007 Nobel Peace Prize? [Press release]
  • Al Gore: Also nominated. [ via Radar]
  • CNN Blog: Gets first sponsor. [Ad Age via Huff Po]
  • Judge Explains: Why he tossed out suit against New York Times. [WaPo]