YouTube Sued in German Copyright Suit

YouTube ChannelIs Google responsible for the videos that users upload to YouTube?  A German court today ruled that yes, they are.  The prosecutors were GEMA, who represent German musicians and brought the suit to YouTube over 12 specific music videos that were uploaded by users but never recognized as pirated content and banned from the site.  This meant those artists never got paid, and GEMA blames YouTube and Google and are asking them to put in measures to ensure that content isn’t pirated.

Specifically, GEMA collects royalties for 60,000 writers and musicians, and they want YouTube to pay royalties for all pirated clips used on the site.  They also want YouTube to put in a measure so that every submitted clip would be checked before it’s live on the site, which would critically hinder the speed of upload for the many journalists who use YouTube for local news.

Google has not yet commented on the ruling in Germany, but we’ll keep you updated on the news.