YouTube Sitcom Will See Year Two

Google-funded, Fine Bros.-produced MyMusic renewed

Here’s an original scripted series born out of YouTube’s 100 funded channel initiative that is coming back for Round 2. And format wise, it’s a lot more traditional than you might expect.

The Fine Brothers, a comedy duo and YouTube powerhouse, have announced the renewal of MyMusic, an old-school sitcom launched via the brothers' funded YouTube channel last year. The show, a mockumentary-style comedy set at a fictional music studio, stars Grace Helbig of the popular YouTube vlog Daily Grace and Adam Busch (TBS’ Men at Work, Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

The show was created by The Fine Brothers (Ben and Rafi) perhaps best known for their collection of videos capturing funny reactions of kids, teens and seniors to pop culture and news events.

Season 1 of MyMusic generated over 26 million views, while reeling in 350,000 subscribers, per the Fine Bros. The show cranked out over 30 episodes, generating anywhere from 200,000 to a million views.

Plus, the show’s fictional characters have garnered close to a quarter million followers in social media. This time around, several characters from the show will "write" blog entries and offer music commentary via a yet-to-be-launched site. “We had an overwhelming fan response in Season 1, and we definitely couldn’t have made it to a second season without their viewership and participation,” said Ben Fine.

Added Rafi Fine: "Our company has been online for almost nine years…and MyMusic had so many specific narrative strategies from early concept to even today that were designed to bring in more viewers, keep the audience engaged and incorporate interactivity…We're able to leverage our audience just like a television channel can, to get the word out on new properties."

Season 2 is about to start and is expected to go live this summer.

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