YouTube Rolls Out HD View and New Video Landing Pages

Following our report of YouTube’s implementation of a widescreen view for videos recently, the YouTube blog has announced the official launch of the YouTube “Watch in HD” viewing feature. At the same time time, YouTube has also rolled out new landings pages for some categorized videos.

The “watch in HD” viewing mode can be accessed by clicking on the the said link which is located below HD-enabled video. If you don’t have an uploaded HD video yet, you might want to check out YouTube’s just launched HD Videos are, where you can find of course, some good-quality HD-recorder videos. To help you in the proper way of uploading videos whether it’s HD or the traditional 4:6 (640×480) resolution, you can check out this FAQ. It will help you maximize and fully use this feature of YouTube.

In addition to the HD viewing mode, YouTube has also rolled out three new landing pages for – news, music and movies. These landing pages were created to help you find exactly what you are hoping to watch. The News video landing pages will contain breaking stories worldwide and news coming from Google News Service. While Music will contain rising videos alongside playlists dedicated to different genres. And lastly, the Movies Landing Pages will contain popular short and full-length movies.