YouTube Revealed Its Top Trending Thanksgiving Foods for 2017

YouTube also ranked the top overall foods so far in 2017

Which Thanksgiving foods were YouTube users searching for? kajakiki/iStock

Ahead of Thanksgiving in the U.S., YouTube revealed the top trending Thanksgiving foods on its platform in November, as well as the top trending overall foods so far this year.

For November, YouTube said the top 10 trending Thanksgiving foods in the areas of “how-to” and recipes are:

  1. Turkey
  2. Stuffing
  3. Gravy
  4. Yams
  5. Apple pie
  6. Mashed potatoes
  7. Pumpkin pie
  8. Green bean casserole
  9. Cranberries
  10. Sweet potato pie

Meanwhile, when looking at the entirety of 2017, YouTube said the top trending overall foods among cooking videos so far this year are:

  1. Fried ice cream
  2. Okra
  3. Aquafaba
  4. Seaweed soup
  5. Jerky
  6. Poke
  7. Green papaya salad
  8. Crab boil
  9. Brussel sprouts
  10. Coconut cake