YouTube Reporters’ Center Debuts

With the explosion of news reports from non-media folks using new technology, YouTube, which ends up hosting a good chunk of those video reports, launched a valuable resource.

The YouTube Reporters’ Center includes instructional videos, tips and advice from established journalists including Katie Couric, Bob Woodward, Nicholas Kristof, Scott Simon, Arianna Huffington, Tavis Smiley, Lizzie O’Leary, Riz Khan, Chris Cillizza, Josh Tyrangiel, Dean Wright, Michael Isikoff, Dana Milbank and Katie Connolly.

The YouTube Reporters’ Center welcome message is as follows:

Ever captured a natural disaster or a crime on your cell-phone camera? Filmed a political rally or protest, and then interviewed the participants afterward? Produced a story about a local issue in your community? If you’ve done any of these things or aspire to, then you’re part of the enormous community of citizen reporters on YouTube, and this channel is for you.

The YouTube Reporters’ Center is a new resource to help you learn more about how to report the news. It features some of the nation’s top journalists and news organizations sharing instructional videos with tips and advice for better reporting.

If you have experiences on reporting the news yourself and would like to share your tips, feel free to submit them for inclusion on this page.