Who’s The King Of YouTube Pranksters? Jack Vale or Ed Bassmaster?

Over the past few months two YouTubers have been rising to the top to emerge as the kings of online video prankdom - Jack Vale and Ed Bassmaster. So who cracks you up more?

Over the past few months two YouTubers have been rising to the top to emerge as the kings of online video prankdom. Jack Vale and Ed Bassmaster have been uploading new pranks every few days, racking in millions of views and leaving their mark on the YouTube community. So who cracks you up more? Jack Vale or Ed Bassmaster?

Jack Vale

Jack Vale has garnered some attention over the last month or so for his Nonsense series, in which he talks nonsense to shoppers, and his Paranoid series, in which he makes shoppers paranoid by standing near them and describing their actions on his cell phone.

Jack Vale is also the brains behind The Pooter – a little handheld device that produces “the most authentic fart sound known to man”, and he’s made quite a few “Pooter” prank videos (around 150!) as well, in which he pretends to fart in public. And who doesn’t find farting hilarious?

Jack talks about how he got started making prank videos and his recent popularity explosion on YouTube in a great interview that went up yesterday on Pop Goes The Week. Jack says that his viewership “had been pretty steady for the past year for sure. But all of a sudden about a week and a half ago ‘Paranoid’ and the ‘Nonsense’ videos started going insane.” This just goes to show that you never know when your YouTube career may randomly take off.

Jack is a father of five kids, between six months and fourteen years, and says, “My kids – especially the boys – they go to school and their friends know who I am! So it’s a lot of fun to take them out to places with their friends. Their dad farts in public for a living!” Yeah, that’s got to be pretty darn cool.

Ed Bassmaster

Ed Bassmaster is one of YouTube’s Top 100 comedians and is also known for his public pranking shenanigans. You may have seen his videos popping up in some of our recent posts including the Top 10 Fast Food Drive Thru Pranks On YouTube, and 10 Amazing Beatbox Videos.

Ed portrays a variety of different characters in his pranks. There’s Ugly Face, the prank caller, Skippy, Mumbles, Tequila and more. His videos have been circulating YouTube for years now. His most popular video of all time is his Elmo Prank Call, which was uploaded a couple of years ago, and his Drive-Thru Pranks have also garnered over 5 million views.

In the past couple of weeks he’s uploaded some great new stuff including Blue Tooth Man, Ugly Face and Beat Box 2, where he randomly beatboxes while asking questions to salespeople in a store.

The Showdown

It may be a little unfair to pin Jack Vale against Ed Bassmaster, as Bassmaster has been getting millions of views on his videos for a while now and has a much larger fan base on YouTube, Facebook and beyond. Jack Vale only has one video that’s broken 1 million views while Bassmaster has over a dozen. However, when I checked out Jack Vale’s Facebook fan page earlier today and saw the following comment I understood that I’m not the only one who is putting these two guys in the same category.

If you look at the stats, Ed Bassmaster is definitely in the lead as it stands right now. Ed’s got 288,731 YouTube subscribers while Jack’s got 102,678; and Ed’s got 16,523 Facebook fans while Jack’s got 2,193. But Jack just made it big over the last couple weeks and he’s certainly rising the charts at a rapid pace.

If you ask me, I think that both these guys are hilarious and it’s hard for me to choose one as the ultimate king of YouTube pranksters. I laughed just as hard at Jack’s Nonsense videos as I did at Ed’s most recent beatbox video and I think both of these guys are brilliant. So you let me know who you think the title should go to in the comments. Who do you think is more hilarious? Jack Vale, Ed Bassmaster or is it a draw?