Top 25 Moments In YouTube Politics 2010

Was this year's political YouTube attention good attention? Or did it make a mockery of the political process? Check out our top 25 political YouTube videos of 2010 and you be the judge.

2010 will be remembered as the year that political campaigns got down and dirty on the web, 21st century style. This year, especially in the United States, YouTube became a hub for politicians trying to go viral, to get their names out there and bring in the votes. Videos of local politicians in local elections that would have remained unknown if not for YouTube amassed hundreds of thousands, and even millions of online views. But was this year’s political YouTube attention good attention? Or did it make a mockery of the political process? Check out our top 25 political YouTube videos of 2010 and you be the judge.

Obama Kicks Door Open

Lets start off our 2010 YouTube politics review with one of my personal favorite YouTube videos, sharing one of the world’s most famous politicians, the one and only Barack Obama, kicking down a door. Nice one Barry O’Bam!

Basil Marceaux

My personal favorite story in YouTube politics 2010 is that of Basil Marceaux, the Tennessean that lost the gubernatorial race over the summer but won the YouTube popularity contest. Marceaux “went viral” when a video of his NBC4 speech about his interesting platforms hit YouTube. You can read more about Basil Marceaux in our post right here.

The Rent Is Too Damn High Party

In another slightly off-kilter viral political hit, Jimmy McMillan spoke out about his platform when he introduced the Rent Is Too Damn High Party at the NY Governor Debate.

Jimmy McMillan and the Rent Is Too Damn High Party received even more attention when Auto-Tune the News songified his speech to make the hit song ‘Rent: Too Damn High!’

Congressman Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk

Back in June, North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge shocked constituents when he assaulted a young videographer trying to make a student video on the streets of Washington and the video went viral. Though he apologized for the incident, it’s hard to believe that a video like this getting nearly 3 million views on YouTube hasn’t tainted his reputation for good. Sufficed to say, Etheridge did not win in this November’s election. Think it had anything to do with this video?

Senate Candidate Freilich on a Cow

More politicians turned to YouTube than ever on the campaign trail this year. Some candidates uploaded professional, serious content, while others tried to go the viral route, piggy backing off of popular campaigns like the Old Spice ‘Man Your Man Could Smell Like’. One of these candidates was Daniel Freilich of Vermont. As you can guess, Freilich didn’t win the election. Whether or not it had something to do with this video, we can only speculate. But I’m pretty convinced he wasn’t taking the whole election thing very seriously in the first place.

Jerry Labriola Old Spice Ad Politician

Daniel Freilich wasn’t the only politician to pay homage to Old Spice this year. Jerry Labriola from Connecticut did an Old Spice spoof of his own as part of his campaign for congress. The campaign was much better executed than that of Freilich. However, it still wasn’t enough for Labriola to beat incumbent Rosa DeLauro.

Christine O’Donnell “I’m Not A Witch. I’m You.”

Then there’s the story of Christine O’Donnell. First she was a witch. Then she was not a witch. Then she was me, or rather…you or…all of us, I guess.

O’Donnell’s ‘I’m You’ campaign was the most-parodied campaign video of the 2010 elections. The most popular parody has been the songified version from the Gregory Brothers aka schmoyoho.

Chris Coons The Tax Man

O’Donnell also received some press for the attack video her campaign released against her opponent, Chris Coons, who the campaign dubbed as the Taxman. The video is pretty ridiculous, cut like a movie trailer. My favorite part is when they allude to Antoine Dodson’s ‘Bed Intruder Song’ saying, “Hide your will; Hide your lights; ‘Cause he’s taxin’ everything out here.”