YouTube Partnered With the International Rescue Committee for World Refugee Day

YouTube and will match up to $500,000 of donations

YouTube is marking World Refugee Day Tuesday by teaming up with the International Rescue Committee to showcase refugees’ personal stories via videos produced by members of the YouTube Creators for Change program.

Seven YouTube creators—Mama Bee from Eh Bee Family, Tyler Oakley, Jouelzy, Fly With Haifa, Francis Maxwell of The Young Turks, Suli Breaks and Greg and Mitch from ASAPScience—traveled to Jordan, Serbia, Uganda, Greece and two cities in the U.S. in recent weeks to meet refugees and film their personal stories.

All of the videos (embedded below) are available here, and each video includes a donation card that enables users to contribute funds to the IRC.

In addition, YouTube and will match up to $500,000 of donations.

YouTube chief marketing officer Danielle Tiedt said in a release announcing the initiative:

We’re proud to partner with the International Rescue Committee to support their work and help raise awareness of refugee experiences around the world. We’re also humbled to be a platform where refugees and creators alike can share their personal stories through video and, in doing so, help create empathy for the brave people who are experiencing life as a refugee.

Tiedt added in a blog post:

This humanitarian crisis has displaced tens of millions of people, and we hope these videos can help those of us who are not directly affected empathize with people experiencing life as a refugee. Parents and children, athletes and foodies, students and professors, businesspeople, artists and everything in between, these incredibly brave people have all been forced to flee their homes and endure tremendous challenges in search of safety.

If you want to stand with refugees, we stand with you. You’ll see donation cards for the IRC enabled on these videos, and over the next week, YouTube and will match your donation up to $500,000. The IRC provides humanitarian aid for people fleeing crisis and disaster, and more than 90 percent of all money donated to the IRC goes to programs and services that directly benefit refugees and displaced people.

And IRC president and CEO David Miliband said in the release:

When we see refugees as people first, we are able to replace fear with recognition and hope. Our YouTube partnership allows us to introduce refugees in a distinctly deeper and personal way while reaching millions of people who otherwise may have remained unengaged.