YouTube Offers Up Click-to-Buy Service on Video

For all of you avid YouTube users who often encounter a great soundtrack on YouTube videos they’ve watched and want to get a copy of those music files, the number one video sharing site is offering a new service called Click-to-Buy. This new service will help you in getting soundtracks of video games, or soundtrack of MTV videos you see on YouTube.

This Click-to-Buy service will be implemented on thousands of YouTube videos made available by the company’s content partners. This comes by way of unobtrusive retail links that will be displayed beneath the video along with the other YouTube community features. The Click-to-Buy links will enable users to buy products including songs, books and movies which are related to the video they are watching.

The Click-to-Buy kicks off with iTunes and links from companies including EMI Music, as well as on video games recently released such as Spore.

YouTube has launched this new feature with the aim of providing a viable eCommerce platform. And with the popularity of YouTube videos, it is but logical the YouTube tries to implement ways by which it can generate revenue for the company. Google has been trying to find ways of monetizing YouTube videos but they can never seem to get a good start. The company is hoping that the Click-to-Buy feature would be a start of a better video monetization feature for YouTube.

This new feature is being gradually added to YouTube’s vast library of music videos and are currently available only in the US.