YouTube Mobile Reaches 100 Million Daily Video Plays; Launches Updated Site

As more and more people get smart phones such as iPhones and Android phones the mobile web is growing at a rapid pace, and mobile video is no exception. In a blog post on Wednesday, YouTube announced that YouTube is now serving up more than 100 million video playbacks each day and the popularity of their mobile site has inspired them to launch an update.

The video giant says in their blog that, “Today, more than ever, we know that you want to be able to find and access your favorite videos wherever you are. That’s why we’re rolling out an updated version of the mobile site.” The new YouTube mobile site offers a number of improvements upon the last version:

  • The new YouTube mobile site is really fast.
  • The user interface now incorporates larger elements, which are more touch-friendly for the iPad and other touch-screen devices.
  • The new mobile site incorporates more features from the online site, including search suggestions, playlist creation, and the ability to “like”, “dislike” or “favorite” videos directly from your mobile device.
  • The mobile site will be updated quickly after the online site when changes are made to

The new mobile YouTube site launched officially in English yesterday. However, they plan to roll out the new upgrade in other languages over the coming months. The latest site can be accessed via the browser on your Android or iPhone browser. Check out the video below, which shows some of YouTube mobile’s new features and let us know what you think!