Update: YouTube Meme Paintings Commissioned By YouTube’s Tokyo Office

YouTube Tokyo has spruced up their office with original YouTube meme paintings, including portraits of Keyboard Cat, the Sneezing Baby Panda, and Rick Astley. Check them all out after the jump.

Back in December we told you about artist Dan Lacey and his YouTube meme paintings. Lacey had painted a variety of YouTube meme portraits including the Sneezing Baby Panda, Keyboard Cat, and the Dramatic Look prairie dog and was auctioning them off on eBay. Turns out that those original meme paintings were actually a study done for a work commissioned by Google. Lacey’s paintings are now hanging on the walls of the YouTube offices in Tokyo.

Lacey told me by email that, “Google commissioned the paintings after Herman Sheremetyev [Manager at YouTube Tokyo] discovered my work while searching ‘Dramatic Prairie Dog’ in Google Instant Search. I’ve painted YouTube subjects for years, and have rankings in a number of categories, which is how he found my artwork. He was originally looking for some posters for the office, but then proposed to Google, which relocated last year to their new offices in the building, that they arrange to have some originals done instead. I have two more paintings in progress for Tokyo, and then I may be painting another set for an additional YouTube office.”

Check out the paintings hanging up in YouTube’s Tokyo office below, as well as a shot of Herman Sheremetyov with a few of the paintings.

Lacey told me that the YouTube Tokyo staff chose the subjects for the meme paintings. As you can see, they went with the Sneezing Baby Panda, Keyboard Cat, Dramatic Look, the infamous Rickroll and Maru the Cat, in a box of course. Some of the paintings have concealed pancakes (Lacey is known as the painter of pancakes, as he frequently draws his subjects with pancakes on their heads). Can you find the pancakes in the photos on YouTube Tokyo’s walls?

Lacey also recently finished another adorable YouTube meme painting (and one of my personal favorites) the baby hamster eating broccoli. The painting is currently up for auction.

And for those of you that are wondering what the view looks like from the window of YouTube’s office at the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower in Tokyo, check this out:

What do you think of Lacey’s paintings and their newfound home in YouTube’s Tokyo offices? Would you like to hang a YouTube meme on your wall? I know I would!