YouTube: Media Story Of The Year


Here’s a timeline that may or may not make you angry:

  • January 2005: YouTube housed in a Menlo Park garage.
  • May 2005: YouTube site “up-and-running.”
  • December 2005: Official launch.
  • August 2006: Co-founder Chad Hurley tells Charlie Rose he sees YouTube “building the next generation platform to serve media worldwide.”
  • October 2006: Google buys YouTube for $1.65
  • It’s hard to imagine a media story bigger in 2006 than YouTube’s $1.65 billion sale to Google. In fact, most of the media’s biggest stories in 2006 have YouTube to thank: Stephen Colbert’s takedown of President Bush at the White House Correspondent’s dinner, Bill Clinton’s finger-wag on Fox News — and who could forget the “macaca” moment — all were streamed and beamed by YouTube, and promptly caught fire.’s 2006 Year-End Media Awards

  • Media Story Of The Year: YouTube
  • Media Sixth Man (Or Woman): Ben Karlin
  • 2006’s Biggest Media Scandal, Bust: O.J.-Rupe-Regan Power Trio