YouTube Live Now Supports Ultra-Low Latency, More

YouTube launched a series of updates for its livestreaming service

YouTube launched a series of updates for its livestreaming service, YouTube Live, aimed at making streaming “easier and more accessible.”

YouTube Live now offers an ultra-low-latency option, which will reduce the delay between when a streamer takes an action and when the viewer sees it.

In a blog post, YouTube Live product lead Kurt Wilms said that by enabling this feature, it will be possible for users “to stream video with just a couple seconds of latency, so you’ll be able to answer fan questions and get viewer input during your ‘Let’s Plays’ faster than ever before.”

Next, YouTube Live now offers more chat moderation features, including inline moderation, which allows users to hold the alt/option key on their keyboard to pause the chat feed so they can easily approve or remove messages.

In addition, users can opt-in to have YouTube automatically hold “potentially inappropriate messages” for review. With this feature turned on, users will have the option to approve, hide or report each message held by the system. Wilms said the more messages a user reviews, the better the system will become at “identifying the types of messages you want to hold for review.”

Wilms also described one additional improvement to the chat moderation process: “Shared hidden user lists lets your moderators use the same hidden users list across comments and live chat. And in the future, hides will work in both live chat and comments, regardless of where you take that action.”

Finally, iOS users can now livestream ReplayKit-supported games through the main YouTube application. These users have the option to use their device’s microphone and front-facing camera to add their own commentary and video to these streams.


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