YouTube Introduces ‘Show & Tell’, A Valuable Resource for Marketers

YouTube has partnered with the Art Directors Club to introduce YouTube Show & Tell, a new branded channel showcasing the best examples of marketing on YouTube. The channel, which was announced today, is a goldmine for marketers looking to expand their presence and success on YouTube and in the viral video market.

Show & Tell features the best marketing and advertising campaigns on Facebook, focusing on brand channels, homepages and viral video hits. Marketers can look to the channel for inspiration as well as guidance. Show & Tell features an interactive video tutorial, The Story Of YouTube Car, that introduces viewers to the potential of going viral on YouTube, helpful YouTube features such as HD, annotations (notes, speech bubbles and spotlights), subtitles and more. I highly recommend watching your way through the interactive video in order to grasp the full reality of all the cool things that can be done with your videos on YouTube.

YouTube developed the concept for Show & Tell and serves as the platform. However, ADC will curate content on a quarterly basis, drawing from years of experience to bring viewers the very best YouTube marketing campaigns. The channel will serve not only as a record of the most popular marketing campaigns, but also as a valuable resource for brands looking to learn more about YouTube marketing and to strengthen their own viral video campaigns. Aside from the interactive video tutorial, Show & Tell also provides helpful links, advice and analysis of the top marketing videos of our time.

Marketers will be able to use the Show & Tell channel to learn more about how to build successful campaigns and use YouTube tools to increase engagement and get more views. Do you think this will contribute to the future of viral marketing on YouTube in a positive way?