YouTube Logo Takes Fashion Advice From Google Logo

If you head over to YouTube this morning you’ll notice something different – a snazzy new logo that changed every time you refresh the page. YouTube has gotten a little arsy-fartsy with their logo today in order to remind users about their YouTube Play partnership with the Guggenheim. But whether or not users are familiar with, or even care about YouTube Play, the fresh, new logo is a pleasant surprise, much like Google surprises users from time to time with fancy, revamped logos.

This isn’t the first time in recent history that YouTube has done up their logo to promote a project on the site. Earlier this month, YouTube staged a countdown to the Day In The Life project with their logo as well. In the days leading up to the event on July 24, in which YouTube and Ridley Scott asked YouTubers to make a video about their day to be made into a feature documentary, the YouTube logo counted down the days.

I, for one, am going to be sad when the YouTube Play event comes to a close and the YouTube logo goes back to normal. There’s something so exciting about coming to a website expecting the familiar, recognizable logo and getting something bright, fun and different. Just like Google surprises us on a regular basis with themed Google Doodles, maybe YouTube will start changing things up on the reg.

What do you think about today’s YouTube Play logo? Do you think that it’s nice when brands give their logos a temporary upgrade, or do you think logos should go unchanged?