YouTube Bonus: How To Unlock The Golden YouTube Logo Using New Topics

Last week we covered the new YouTube Topics that just launched in the TestTube and told you about the Easter Egg search for ‘Golden Topics’ that YouTube prepared to entice users to try topics out. Today we’ve got the solution – all 17 Golden topics that will help you unlock a special, shiny golden YouTube logo.

Thanks to several of our readers that commented on our original post about the Golden Topics, sharing some of the Easter egg topics that they found, as well as some research I did on my own (a.k.a. somehow accidentally stumbling onto the “ukulele” golden topic while searching for something totally unrelated and finding the “cheese rolling” topic while searching for….well, cheese rolling) we now have all 17 of the Golden Topics.

To unlock your own special golden YouTube logo the first thing you need to do is opt in to YouTube Topics in the TestTube. Then, simply sign into your YouTube account and search for all 17 of the search terms below. When you unlock the 17th and final search term you will get a shiny new logo.

Before you continue reading to find out what the 17 Golden Topics are, decide if you really want to cheat at this. After all, finding the topics on your own is pretty exciting – I was totally stoked when I randomly stumbled across “ukulele”. However, if you can’t be bothered and just want your golden logo already then here you have them – the 17 Golden Topics on YouTube:

  • High speed camera
  • Cup stacking
  • Dancing baby
  • Double rainbow
  • Urban exploration
  • Funny cats
  • Optical illusions
  • Ferrofluid
  • Ukulele
  • Nursery rhymes
  • How it should have ended
  • Mashup
  • Gingers
  • Scary maze
  • Cheese rolling
  • Tilt shift
  • Speed Flying