YouTube Gets The Conversation Started With Google Moderator

For years YouTube has been one of the best places to share a piece of your mind with the world – voicing your opinions, showing off your hobbies and basically saying whatever you want. However, aside from comments it has been difficult to start a real conversation on the site. Today all that changes, as YouTube has integrated the ability to use Google Moderator into every YouTube channel. Google Moderator takes YouTube to a new level, with real-time audience feedback, conversation and more.

With Google Moderator, content creators have the ability to connect with their audiences. They can ask for feedback, ask for ideas for new videos and more. The community can vote up the best comments, ideas and questions and content creators can feature these in future videos, keeping the conversation going.

So how do you get Google Moderator set up on your YouTube Channel? It’s simple. Just head over to the “My Channel” page, click on “Modules” and check “Moderator” on. You’ll have to link your account with Google for the new feature to work, but once you have you can easily set up the parameters for dialogue on your Channel, including the topic, submission types, and length of conversation.

Twelve top YouTube users have been asked to start using Google Moderator to get things started. These users include Michael Buckley, MysteryGuitarMan, HotForWords, and The New York Times. You can see the conversations that have already begun on these power users’ Channels. See an example from Michael Buckley’s Channel below.

Google Moderators integration with YouTube could potentially have a huge impact with the way viewers interact with online video content. How do you think real-time feedback and conversation will change the face of YouTube?