YouTube Gears Up for State of the Union

YouTube is preparing users for President Barack Obama’s first official State of the Union address Wednesday by bringing in some noted experts to answer questions about the top issues of 2010 and users’ ideas uploaded to its CitizenTube page.

YouTube head of news and politics Steve Grove posted on the YouTube Blog:

General Wesley Clark, the retired Army general and former presidential candidate, will take on your top ideas on national security. Nouriel Roubini, a professor in economics at NYU who has been called a “sage” by Forbes for predicting in 2005 that the speculative wave in housing would lead to the recession of 2008, will address your ideas on jobs and the economy. Jim Hansen, a NASA climatologist who has raised awareness for global climate change throughout his career, will weigh in on your top ideas on energy and the environment. And Fareed Zakaria, acclaimed author and international editor of Newsweek, will discuss your top voted ideas in education.

We’ll feature each of these four expert videos on the homepage of YouTube Wednesday, Jan. 27, before President Obama delivers the State of the Union, which we’ll be streaming live at 8 p.m. ET on CitizenTube (