YouTube Detailed Its Responses to Creators’ Concerns

CEO Susan Wojcicki promised more clarity in community guidelines and advertiser-friendly policies

Creators felt that the same channels were being featured in YouTube's trending tab pressureUA/iStock

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki addressed some creators’ concerns in an update, including the desire for more clarity in the Google-owned video site’s community guidelines and advertiser-friendly policies.

Wojcicki said more details will be added to its policies so that creators can make better-informed decisions on their content as it relates to monetization and YouTube’s recommendation system.

She pointed out YouTube’s self-certification pilot, which has been rolled out to over 1,000 channels, saying that it enables creators to self-report how their videos comply with ad policies and build up trust, and adding that YouTube hopes to make it available to more monetizing channels.

YouTube will also continue its focus on increasing the accuracy of classifiers representing its ad-friendly guidelines, with Wojcicki saying prevision has gone up by 25% since January.

The trending tab was also a concern for creators, many of which felt that the same channels were showing up over and over again.

Wojcicki said that while YouTube is careful about which videos appear in its trending tab due to safety concerns and how quickly those videos are generating views, going forward, it aims to ensure that at least one-half of the videos in that tab come from its creators, joining fare from music labels and traditional media publishers.

She added that the site will continue to ramp up its Creator on the Rise and Gaming Creator on the Rise initiatives.

Responding to complaints that YouTube’s manual claiming system was enabling intellectual property holders to claim short bursts of usage (sometimes as quick as one second), Wojcicki said YouTube is seeking a happy medium between copyright owners and creators on this issue.

Finally, Wojcicki vowed to do more to discourage harassment on YouTube’s platform.

She wrote, “Being a creator can be rewarding, exhilarating, challenging and exhausting all at once. But the hard work is worth it. You’re at the cutting edge of culture. Your stories are helping the world to connect and learn. Please continue to share your voice and your feedback with us—it helps us make our platform stronger.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.