YouTube Defeats Brazilian Supermodel For Sex Tape Rights

brazil_youtube_sexvideo.jpgIn a story that’s more about fledgling Internet video laws than sexy supermodels, chalk one up for the geeks. According to the AP, Sao Paulo state Supreme Court Justice Enio Santarelli Zuliani told Internet service providers across the country to stop blocking their users’ access to YouTube.

The controversy revolves around a sex tape of supermodel and Brazil MTV host Daniela Cicarelli, um, enjoying the ocean with her banker boyfriend. Months ago, at the behest of Ms. Cicarelli, a judge ordered that the footage be removed, but YouTube couldn’t stay ahead of the uploads. In response, Brasil Telecom SA and Spanish-owned Telefonica SA blocked the site from their servers yesterday, prompting Zuliani’s ruling.

Given all the press, we would imagine that the beauty wishes she never opened her mouth in the first place.


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    — Noah Davis


  • Brazilian Court Orders YouTube Shutdown Over Sex Video