YouTube Debuts URL Shortener

NewYouTubeLogo.jpgGoogle followed up the debut of its URL shortener last week with, a similar service for its YouTube video site, TechCrunch reported.

The good, according to TechCrunch: works exclusively with YouTube videos, so it can’t be used by spammers, and because uses YouTube video IDs, developers can mine information such as thumbnails and how a video is spreading.

The bad, according to TechCrunch: links come out to 27 characters due to incorporating those YouTube video IDs, which are 11 characters long.

In a post on the YouTube Blog, engineering manager Vijay Karunamurthy wrote:

To see this feature in action, use AutoShare to link up your YouTube account to social networks like Twitter and Google Reader. Then, whenever you favorite a video on YouTube, for example, that action will get syndicated out to your network, who will see this shortened edition of the video’s URL.

To use manually, simply take a URL like and replace the “” with “” to get: Plug that shorter URL into a browser, and you’ll see that it redirects to that video.