YouTube Creator Studio App Updated With Data Insights

The update adds actionable data insights to the experience, so creators can learn more about their channels' stats, as well as how to grow their channels.

YouTube released an update for its Creator Studio application on iOS and Android. The update adds actionable data insights to the experience, so creators can learn more about their channels’ stats, as well as how to grow their channels.

With this update, the app will now send users personalized messages when major events happen on their channels. For instance, if a video experiences a sudden spike in views, the app will notify the creator, and it will provide them with tips on how to capitalize on the spike.

In a blog postYury Polnar, global lead of creator growth at YouTube, said the app will also provide users with “links to education resources” based on each channel’s needs, adding:

These latest analytics updates to the Creator Studio app are all part of our continuing efforts to build better tools aimed at helping you grow. And if you still need answers to your YouTube questions, we’ve made it super simple to contact a real person here at YouTube. Following the announcement of increased support for every creator that is part of the YouTube Partner program, we’ve added a new way to email the YouTube support team directly from the app.

The YouTube Creator Studio app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.