YouTube Android App Updated

A new version of the YouTube app for Android now available in the Android Market brings improvements to uploading videos to the service and adds the ability to manage video playlists on the device. The update also includes performance improvements and bug fixes.

To upload a video you tap Menu, Upload, which opens the Android Gallery where you select the video to upload. After you select the video you will see what is shown in the screenshot, with fields to enter the title of the video, a description, select privacy settings, and enter tags. Enter the information in the fields and then tap Upload.

You will see notifications that the video is uploading and when the upload completes. To specify what data network to use, only on WiFi or on any network, tap Menu, Settings, Uploads. The first time you run the YouTube app you will see a prompt asking you to specify the upload network setting.

To add videos that you find on YouTube to a playlist, you first need to create a playlist, which you do in the Android app by tapping Menu, My Channel. Select the Playlists tab and then tap the plus (+) button at the top of the screen to create a new playlist and specify whether it is private. To add a video that you are watching in the YouTube app to one of your playlists, tap More, Save To, and then tap the name of a playlist. Finally, to watch and remove videos from your playlists, go back to My Channel, tap the Playlists tab, and then tap the name of the playlist.