YouTube: How to Amplify Your Content With Social

Tip: Don’t have time to create a behind-the-scenes video? Share photos from your shoot as it happens! And remember: Animated GIFs play in-line on G+ pages.



YouTube’s Creator Playbook for Brands is a guide to best practices for developing ads that will resonate with 21st-century consumers. Based on a research study of YouTube’s top performing content creators, the guide is broken down into the following sections:

  • Content marketing as part of your brand strategy.
  • Ten fundamentals to create content people love.
  • Schedule your content.
  • Optimize your content.
  • Promote your content with paid media.
  • Amplify your content with social and measurement.

To amplify your content using social, YouTube suggests you focus on Top Fans, Google+ Hangouts on Air, leverage all marketing channels and Google+. To be sure you’re leading productive community discussions, start by recognizing your community, develop relationships with top contributors and engage your them on and off YouTube.

Tip: Remember, good debates are a part of a healthy community; remove comments targeted at an individual or group.

Regarding Top Fans, Insights let you to share content quickly and privately with a circle of your most-engaged fans. Use the features to interact with your audience at scale. Best practices for fans:

  • Sort your top fans by their engagement scores. Who are your most engaged fans?
  • Add new fans to your circle regularly.
  • Scan recent comments from top fans. Click “comments” to reply to the comment on the video watch page.
  • Send private messages via G+ or mention their channels in future videos.
  • Sort fans by the number of their subscribers. Are some of your most engaged fans also YouTube creators? Collaborate with them!

Innovative uses of Hangouts include going behind the scenes, product launches, spotlighting a VP and gathering testimonials. Google+ Hangouts let you start a multi-person video chat with up
to ten people at once and broadcast it live to thousands of others. After the broadcast, a full-length recording can be uploaded to your YouTube channel.

For more details on how to amplify your content with social, check out section six of the Creator Playbook for Brands here [PDF].