YouTube’s Got Next (and Next New Networks)

YouTube announced that it acquired online-video platform Next New Networks, and it will launch YouTube Next, which it described as “a new team tasked with supercharging creator development and accelerating partner growth and success.”
Next New Networks launched in March 2007. More from a post on the YouTube Blog by director of global content operations and YouTube Next Tom Pickett:

YouTube Next is a new team tasked with supercharging creator development and accelerating partner growth and success. The team will also spearhead a series of YouTube Next-branded programs and services that will build off past partner development initiatives such as the Partner Grants Program that advanced partners funds based on future YouTube revenue share and the recent $1,000 credits at B&H Photo given to partners to purchase new camera equipment. The YouTube Next team and programs will expand our partner meet-ups and community events, increase investment in partner education and training, and launch new capabilities in audience development.

We are extremely excited to announce the acquisition of Next New Networks. Since launching in March 2007, the Next New Networks team has built a highly effective platform for developing, packaging, and building audiences around original Web video programming, attracting more than 2 billion views and 6 million subscribers across its partner networks of channels and shows. Within YouTube, Next New Networks will be a laboratory for experimentation and innovation, with the team working in a hands-on way with a wide variety of content partners and emerging talent to help them succeed on YouTube. We are thrilled with the new capability the team brings and the positive impact it will have making our YouTube partners more successful.
At YouTube, we’re focused on building a great technology platform for creators, and so we leave the actual creation of great videos to the people who do it best: our partners. This new group and the addition of the Next New Networks team doesn’t change that. But being a great platform for creators also means helping our partners get the tools and guidance they need to develop higher-quality videos and drive bigger audiences to their work. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.