Yours for $10!!!!! (or something like that)

Who could forget the brouhaha nearly a year ago about how NPR was firing Bob Edwards? Yes, that quiet and friendly voice from Morning Edition would be no more. Well now’s your chance to own a real piece of radio history! No, it’s not Edward R. Murrow’s microphone into which he crooned “This…is…London,” to the sounds of the Blitz around him. No, it’s WAAAYYY more exciting than that.

A disaffected NPR staffer has turned to eBay to sell the National Public Radio jacket Edwards wore on his final staff retreat! Yes, for the low, low price of whatever it’s selling for right now, you can own this gen-u-ine piece of Americana. Fishbowl would bid on it ourselves, but we don’t think it falls under the “reasonable expenses” outlined in our contract.

The seller’s description says it all:

This is a Medium fleece jacket presented to and worn by Bob Edwards at what wound up being his final staff retreat among National Public Radio’s Morning Edition staff. He decided this jacket was too small for him, so he gave it to me. I’m parting with this new and perfect item because I miss Bob and the memories are too painful.

Fishbowl could make a witty rejoinder here, but would it really make you appreciate this entry anymore? Yea, we didn’t think so either.

UPDATE: DCist has an interview with Edwards today. It doesn’t mention his jacket.