You’re so cute, you probably think this post is about you

Yesterday’s NYT Science article on the appeal of cuteness proved its point meta-style by soaring to the penultimate spot on MEL, second only to “Owners’ Web Site Gives Realtors Run for Money,” which is objectively adorable. Upshot: we are hardwired to coo over big ol’ eyes and heads, and apparently wrinkles, which would suck for the multi-billion-dollar skincare industry if only we actually knew it. In any case, just to clarify: babies, pandas, puppies, kittens and pert little punchbuggies all get the nod, in addition to that plucky little Emma Watson from the Harry Potter movies. Rupert Grint, not so much. Puberty can be awkward.

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“I’m crushing your head, Kofi Annan!”