Your Weekend Reading List

Some news and articles you may have missed over the weekend:

  • Deborah Howell’s column on the Post’s local coverage (“It’s clear that readers want more of everything local.”)

  • Colbert King on “The Death of David Rosenbaum.”

  • Does DC have our own version of Howard Stern?

  • The Post’s Phuong Ly wins the American Society of Newspaper Editors’ 2006 award for writing on diversity.

  • And Tim Russert’s been working out:

      MR. RUSSERT: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, thank you for joining us, and we’ll be covering your race very carefully and closely.

      GOV. SCHWARZENEGGER: I hope so, I hope so. And by the way, you look nice and trim. Your abs look good. Keep up the good work.

      MR. RUSSERT: Well, coming from you, Arnold, that’s quite a compliment, I must say.

      We’ll be right back.