Your Twitter Weekend Homework: Write 5 Retweetable Tweets

Just because businesses shut down on the weekends doesn’t mean Twitter does. There’s lots you can do on a lazy Sunday afternoon in only 10 minutes to make your next week of tweets a success.

This weekend, why not write out five retweetable tweets to space out throughout the week, to practice the art of crafting the perfect tweet?

So, what’s a perfect tweet?

There are several factors beyond just sharing a cool link that will make people want to retweet it, and you’d best get to know these fast so you can write retweetable tweets on the fly.

First, you want to leave enough room so that people don’t have to modify your tweet when they’re retweeting it using the old style. What do I mean by this? Basically, anyone who is using the old way of retweeting, which uses a “RT @username” at the beginning of a retweet, needs at least 20 characters to work with. These 20 characters are used for the RT and the username of the person they’re retweeting (namely, you). If you leave this space, they won’t have to change your “you”s to “u”s – and the less work people have to do, the more likely they are do retweet you.

Second, you want to “sell” your tweet. Now, I’m not saying you should use sales-y words like “act now!” or anything like that, but you want to entice your followers to retweet by including a bit of mystery, a question, a thought-provoking statement, etc. Think of how you’d write a catchy blog post title when crafting your tweets, and you’ll get the idea.

Third, use correct grammar and spelling. The more people who can read and comprehend your tweet, the more likely you are to get retweets. If you use a lot of slang or short-form that the majority of your followers won’t understand, they won’t retweet.

So, using these tips as a guideline, I challenge you to write five retweetable tweets this weekend and send them out throughout next week. It helps if you monitor them using (if you’re sharing a link), or including a hashtag so you can see who is retweeting you in a search at

Let us know if focusing on writing retweetable tweets brings you a noticeable increase in engagement in the comments below!

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