Your Twitter Homework for the Weekend: Unfollow 5% of the People you Currently Follow

Friday is upon us, but I bet most of you will be popping on to Twitter at least once or twice this weekend. Social information doesn’t sleep, and just because it’s Saturday tomorrow doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything productive for your Twitter efforts. So, take 15 minutes and do a little follower pruning: I challenge you all to unfollow 5% of the people you currently follow.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to adjust my follows many times. In the early days, I would follow everyone who followed me – which led to a very cluttered timeline.

From time to time, I find it useful to crack open that “Following” tab and really think about why you’re following these people.

I’m sure most of them offer you something of value. But is there someone on there that you could unfollow, and you wouldn’t even miss?

My guess is yes, there is.

Some people start on Twitter super active, and then fade away with time. Others change their strategy, and begin tweeting about a completely different topic than the one you followed them for. And others, you might simple have outgrown.

If you need help deciding who gets the axe, there’s always this list of 5 free Twitter tools to help you manage followers. You can see who has unfollowed you, who hasn’t tweeted in a while, and who is overly talkative with these tools.

So be kind to your Monday self, and help reduce next week’s clutter: unfollow just 5% of your follows, and you’ll thank yourself in the long run.