Your Social Data Might Not Be as Private as You Think [Infographic]

No matter how locked down you think your data is, hackers and data brokers may still have access to your personal details.

social data

When you engage with social media online, one way or another, you’re exposing data you might consider to be private. Even if you lock your profile down, your social data could fall into the hands of hackers or data miners. A new infographic from WhoIsHostingThis outlines how much of your information might be at risk.

According to the infographic, “Small components of your online identity can be pieced together to build a larger, more invasive profile.” This statement is true when you consider how much data we provide social sites. Various sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Foursquare, allow users to show where they’ve been, where they live, who their friends and family are, and even information like phone numbers and email addresses.

Even if you don’t post personal data to social networks, there are still other services that can access your information. Data brokers like or aggregate personal information, and sometimes charge a fee to have information removed from the sites.

Other data acquisition methods that are often employed by hackers include looking at EXIF data from photographs and using Google street view after looking at basic social profile info. These tactics can put your information at risk.

To see what kind of information data brokers can hold on people, or to see what hackers can do once they have your data, view the infographic below:

social data