Your Phone Needs More Facebook Focus

The first so-called Facebook phone, developed by INQ, just got Bluetooth certification, which has reignited chatter about the much-awaited device.

The first so-called Facebook phone, developed by INQ, just got Bluetooth certification, clearing the way for a debut in stores soon and reigniting chatter about the much-awaited device.

The Inquirer is calling the device the INQ Cloud Touch smartphone, but that sounds rather stuffy compared to the verbiage on the phone company’s website, which calls this Android-based cellular “the world’s first social mobile.” This gizmo may have either a full keyboard or a touchscreen that includes Swype.

The INQ phone is hitting stores before the other device also rumored to be a “Facebook phone,” in development by AT&T. Both of the phones will have Facebook shortcuts on the home screen — notice the use of the plural here, contrasting with the singular link you might move to your home screen on other smartphones available today.

Apparently, Facebook is “built right into the heart of the INQ¹,” to use the company’s rhetoric. This means:

Facebook friends show up in the INQ¹ contacts list. Messages, pokes and requests drop in the phone’s inbox. Keep up with every conversation, wherever you are. Keep track of your Facebook friends: see their latest photo and status, or message, post or poke them all directly from the phone’s contacts list. Staying connected never felt easier. INQ¹ sends photos from your camera straight to Facebook. Receive a call from a Facebook friend and the INQ¹ displays their latest Facebook profile picture. So if your friends have a new look, you’ll know before you speak to them.

INQ’s site suggests one might soon be able to advance order the social phone in nine different countries, without clarifying exactly when the devices will go live. Alas, the U.S. doesn’t even show up on the list of markets that get the smartphones first, so we’ll have to wait for the opportunity to try one of them out.

Are you curious to try either of the so-called “Facebook phones?” Would you consider upgrading to the device once it becomes available?