Your New York Media Elites’ Guide to March Madness

March Madness is officially upon us, and with the brackets locked in, let’s take a look at who the New York media’s big-time (and small-time) players picked to win the big dance.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Sports Illustrated‘s team of experts overwhelmingly picks Kansas, as do ESPN’s.

New York Observer print media reporter John Koblin says in an email: “give me syracuse! kansas’ draw is too strong to get ’em out alive. if they somehow do
come out, they’ll be banged up. cuse? they got fresh legs! after the early bou[n]ce in the big east tourney.”

Observer new-media reporter Felix Gillette didn’t fill out a bracket, but he says he’s rooting for Georgetown.

For all The Awl’s originality in the world of blogging, its editors sure pick boring champions. Editor Choire Sicha, who publicly disavows sports knowledge, has picked Kansas, as has his coeditor Alex Balk. Then again, we owe many of our media-picks to The Awl’s NCAA Tournament pool.

In one of the few deviations from the norm, former Gawker editor and current Village Voice enfant terrible Foster Kamer has selected Kentucky.

Mediaite and Deadspin contributor Katie Baker has picked Duke to go all the way.

Finally, in the category of “New York media elite affiliates,” President Barack Obama has picked KU to win the big dance. He has also picked Kansas State to reach the final four. Maybe he hopes to sway the state, which went to John McCain by a substantial margin in 2008.

Please post your picks in the comments or email us. We’ll update as we hear. For predictions from over in TV land, check out TVNewser’s Bracket Challenge 2010.