Your Mom Went To College

At the end of his column today, Chuck Todd issues “A Personal Note”:

    My integrity is everything to me, so let me clear up publicly an issue an anonymous e-mailer has raised with my superiors. I do not have a degree from George Washington University. I have never claimed to have one, but I may have given people the impression that I did. I attended GW, from 1990-1994, and pursued a major in political science and a minor in music. But I allowed a number of things to get in the way, including my work at The Hotline, beginning in 1992, and subsequently finished my four years a few credits short of a degree. In the bio I have distributed since then, I have never claimed that I had a bachelor’s degree, but I did write that I had “majored in political science and minored in music.” When I wrote those words, I thought I was justified in doing so because I had completed my course work in those subject areas. In retrospect, I should have made clear that while I attended GW I did not graduate from there. As a journalist, it is important that I maintain the highest standards of integrity. In this instance, I have fallen short of those standards, and I apologize.

Don’t sweat it, Chuck. We still love you. But we’re totally bummed that we wasted $100K + just to get that damn “B.A.” added to our name and yet you’re still kicking our ass in the journalism world.

Sorry Mom and Dad.